About Dowd's BBQ

Owned and Operated by the Dowd family, Dowd's BBQ is family run and soon to be passed on for generations. Growing up in the south, North Carolina, I've been surrounded by professional pit masters within my family and grew a passion for cooking myself. Growing into an adult i've always cooked for friends and family for fun and eventually founded Dowd's BBQ in 2003 and every  year since then our company has grew into the success it is today.  We are dedicated to the community partnering up with east side baptist church as well as feeding people in transitioning every Sunday. We have the ability to accommodate small parties as well as larger parties . We offer full service catering, homestyle catering, customizable menus, BBQ/grilling on site, and much more. We are known as the best in authentic southern cuisine, our standards and services live up to it.